Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Somewhere in Another Universe...

Somewhere, in another universe, under a yellow sky...  strange creatures drift by over the rooftops.

Watercolor pencil on Vellum the color on this phone photo doesn't do it justice.

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  1. Vicki, I'm visiting from the Ultimate Blog Challenge. It's interesting that some of your art is realistic and some is surreal. The colors are often very beautiful. I love especially paintings of natural environments All the best in your artistry!

    1. Thank you, yes, I vary a lot in the style of what I draw or paint based on my mood.

  2. Like Kebba, I am stopping by from UBC and appreciate the diversity of your style. Lots of wonderful use of color in your work and I am enjoying today's abstract shapes. Great shading and dimension. I love working with watercolor pencils!

  3. Beautiful creations! Kudos to you for sharing them with us - and allowing us to enjoy your brilliance!


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