Saturday, January 3, 2015

Don't Leave Me Hanging!

Don't you hate it when people leave you hanging? They start to tell you about something, and then never finish, or never let you know the outcome to something they were excited about?

So do I, but sometimes I still end up doing just that.  An example would be that way back in May of 2014 I showed my readers a painting from start to finish, and told them it was going to be entered into a juried show.  Then I neglected to let anyone know if the painting had been accepted to the show or not.

Well, better late than never right?  To refresh your memory, this was the painting:

And it was one of three that I was going to enter into a juried show.  Well, it did get accepted, it was the only one of my paintings that did get accepted.  Now, this show gets hundreds of submissions, and rejects most of them, only showing a handful of what is submitted.  So even being accepted is a huge honor, especially for a completely self-taught artist like myself.  However that wasn't the end of the honor.  When I went to the exhibit, I noticed this attached to the wall next to my painting.

It turns out that in the category of paintings they gave three prizes, and I didn't win one, but each Juror also got to select ONE work from ALL categories that he personally felt should have been awarded the prize, and give it an honorable mention.  So juror Venker chose my painting from every single work in the show, and he personally told me that he had voted for it to win in the painting category.

Okay, so sure, I'd have liked to have won a prize, but to get accepted was a big deal, then to get an honorable mention out of all the works there.  I was very pleased.

I will soon be adding this painting to my etsy shop, I have to photograph it in the frame as well as the photo above so people can see how it will look in their home.  However prints of it are available right now, the photograph below is the print quality one, that best shows the true colors and values of the original.  Click on it to see a much larger version on Fine Art America.

Photography Prints

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  1. congratulations! It is always rewarding to receive confirmation when you are pursuing your passion that it is appreciated.

  2. Thank you, and yes I always do appreciate a little confmirmation!

  3. That's such a lovely picture and congratulations.

    Lizzie Dripping

  4. Congratulations on your painting and being accepted.
    It takes courage to allow your work to be judged.
    The colors are so vibrant and explosive, it reminds me of fireworks!
    no wonder it was recognized by one of the jurors.
    Truly a work of heart <3

  5. I like the purple tones in this painting. It's unusual, and I think it will get a lot of attention because of it. Good luck in putting this on Etsy. Alana

    1. Thanks bookworm! I mixed all the colors from three primaries and white: ultramarine blue, quinacridone red, hansa yellow, and titanium white.

  6. Congratulatons, that's extremely cool!


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