Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mushroom from My Mind

Practice makes perfect, so they say.  I'm not so sure that's true with art, since in a sense art is never really perfect, there is always some room for improvement.  So lets just say practice makes better.

So anyway, yesterday I had an off day, I spent most of time updating information on various websites and such, and didn't make time to do art in the morning.  I told myself it was okay because I was going to go to an artist league meeting and would start a new painting there.  Then a friend dropped by unexpectedly and stayed and talked for a long time, and soon it was too late for the meeting.

Still, I wanted to at least do a quick sketch, I started sketching my tea kettle, but wasn't really inspired by that so I stopped before I got finished with it.

I decided that it was a good day to do a pencil sketch from my imagination instead of drawing from life, but I didn't have much time left, I had only a few minutes before it was time to leave with the family for church.

So I ended up doing this quick sketch of a mushroom, or is it a toadstool, or a fairy hut?  Well, mine was pretty plain looking, just a basic sketch, no dots on it, no colors, no frogs sitting on it or butterflies hovering nearby, but it was still a little touch of practice on a day when I would otherwise have not exercised my artistic muscle at all. So here is today's sketch, more of just a little doodle.

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  1. It's sweet to see that somebody else is drawing. Lovely little mushroom!

  2. You took me right down the Etsy rabbit hole! Almost forgot to come back to THIS site to comment. I think it's great that you flexed your artistic muscle - even if only to do a little sketch of a mushroom - despite all the distractions of the day. I sometimes have to remind myself that blogging IS writing, but the imagination still craves play, and non-fiction isn't always the kind of play it needs.

    1. Yes, that's how I feel sometimes after doing a long project, even though its creative, even though its art, if the project takes too long I start feeling the need to do something new, but I have to discipline myself to finish. Small sketches let me do a little something different, but without abandoning whatever project I am working on.

  3. Cute littlle mushroom. Your talent reminds me of my son's. He just turned 20 and thus his artwork has always had weird teenage boy stuff. When he draws a mushroom it tends to have a goofy face and a cigarette. lol. How did you get started on Etsy? I keep telling him he needs to do something like that but he seems to think it would never work out.

    1. Getting started on etsy is easy, you just sign up for a free account, and then each listing costs $0.20 for three months. Sales are another thing. I make few sales through etsy, most of my sales come from art shows, farmers markets, or from friends who see my stuff on Facebook and contact me.
      Soon I will start my own website though, and once I do that I will invest a little in advertising.

  4. Lovely sketch. You exercised all your creative muscles
    today. Good job. ;)


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