Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday's Six Minute Sketch

I'm in the process of building a new website, after I finish it, I'll probably blog there as well, but for now it is just in its development state, yesterday I was working on it all day.  Registering a domain name, installing wordpress, picking a theme, and now trying to figure out how to integrate a pay pal shopping cart.  I also need to upload images of all my paintings.  Needless to say, I didn't have much time for painting.

So, for today I'll post this sketch I did a few days ago.  I timed myself at 6 minutes.  Its a sketch of my daughter, I feel like it would have looked a lot better with double the time, but I wanted to see what I could do in six minutes.  My daughter says she looks like a "Walker" (another name for Zombie, from The Walking Dead).

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  1. Is it expensive to set up a website Vicki? Looking forward to seeing what you do with yours.

    1. I paid for 36 months in advance, so the hosting is costing me less than $5 a month, but I'm building the website myself, learning as I go.

  2. Beautiful! I admire people who can draw and recreate what they see.

  3. Sometimes the less time spent on something the more you see the truth in the work.


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