Saturday, May 4, 2013

My Own Framing Shop!

If you've ever taken a piece of art into a framing shop, you know that custom frames will often cost more than you paid for the artwork.  So, I have been very hesitant to frame my artwork, however, I know it looks much better with a frame.

For a while I was toying with the idea of learning how to make my own frames, but I really didn't know where to start.  However, a friend of mine did have some experience with framing, and he offered to help me.  Soo, I bought a miter saw... and brought it home only to realize my work table in my shop would not work for it, it was too small and not sturdy enough.

So back to Home Depot again to get all of the supplies needed to build a suitable work station.

Today, my friend and I spent the entire day building my framing station together.  And this time, I actually did help considerably with the building.  Here are the results:

My friend also demonstrated how to make a frame from crown molding.  I didn't really do any of it though.  Next time I will,  this time I just watched and got lots of practice using the saw while we were building the work bench, (I put in a picnic table temporarily while we were building, and used for almost all the cutting.)

Anyway, the frame is basically put together, but the glue is drying still, so I don't have pictures of it.  I'll probably post them when I get done staining or painting it, whatever I decide to do.

My friend doesn't know yet, but the frame we (he) made today was for his favorite of my paintings.  I plan to give it to him as a gift when the frame is finished.  :-D

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