Friday, May 3, 2013

Every Day in May #3

So its Day number 3 of the Every Day in May challenge, and today's topic is "Something that Represents Joy"

This was easy to think of.  I am trying to limit these EDiM sketches to 15 or 20 minutes most days, so that I still have time for my other art, after all, I know that the Gallery owner who shows my work wants me to come up with a painting that has something to do with wine... plus he said he'd like to see more small scale landscapes that he could sell for $100 or less.  (Basically that means 8x10 or smaller).

I also have an order for a pet portrait to get done... so I can't spend hours on these sketches.

Today's sketch took around 15 minutes, coloring included... and it shows, I mean its not straight, the form and perspective are a bit off, its too skinny proportionally... but anyway, here it is:

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