Saturday, April 13, 2013

Art Walk

Well today was the first public showing of my art.  I thought it went pretty good.  We had very uncooperative weather, and I'm sure it would have gone even better if it weren't for that.  As it was I sold 2 original paintings and 2 prints.  Plus handed out a lot of business cards.

I also got a considerable amount of work done on a new painting, because, in an effort to attract people into the building, I stood outside and painted, I was under a covered awning so the rain and hail didn't bother me, and it did attract a few people into the building.

Here are some photos from the event.

Remember the display boards I wrote about? The one's my good friend helped me build?  Well here is the medium sized one, the way it is build is like an A-frame, so I could use the other side as well, but with the setup in this particular building, it worked better to just use one side.

The same was true for the large display, showed here:

The small display we where able to use both sides on, but somehow I forgot to photograph that one.

My daughter displayed some of her paintings too, and she sold one:

I also displayed some of art in various other places around the room:

Here is the painting I worked on today, its far from finished, but still I made a lot of progress on it in one day.
My daughter and her best friend had fun playing and dancing for me, and I took lots of photos, but I cropped my daughter's friend out of the photos because I forgot to ask if it was okay to post them online:

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  1. Congratulations of a successful exhibition, it is always nice to sell work at these events.

    1. Thank you, and you're right! It was very nice to sell a little! Granted, what I sold were both very small paintings with lower prices than many of the others because of their small size, but at least I sold something. I plan to double my online selling efforts also, and to keep trying to get into a gallery.


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