Friday, March 8, 2013

New (old) Additions!

I've been combing through my jpeg files, looking for digital versions of paintings and photographs that are fine-art-print-worthy but haven't yet been posted to my website.  I have been a photographer for a long time, so its going to take a while to go through everything.  Today I added four new images three were photographs I took some time ago, and one was jpeg of one of my paintings that I just didn't get around to posting yet.
Now I want everyone who reads this to know that while I do try to sell my art, by no means do I want this blog to be just an extension of my selling website.  Rather, I am hoping to make it a more general art blog, with suggestions, perhaps tutorials, pictures of the process of creating, and thoughts in general.
I hope this blog will be of interest to people who like art, even if they don't plan to purchase any.
So here the newest additions to the website, enjoy browsing even if you don't wish to purchase!  And share your favorite images with your friends!

Photography Prints

Art Prints Photography Prints

Art Prints Photography Prints 

Thank you for reading! I welcome your suggestions on how to make this blog more interesting to you! Photography Prints

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