Friday, March 1, 2013

First Public Event

Well, I am super excited!  I've been creating lots of artwork and posting it online for a while now, focusing on improving my skill, and technique, and not really trying too hard to actually sell any art.  I mean, I've offered it for sale on Etsy, and on Fine Art America, but I haven't really tried hard to market it.

I have often wondered how my paintings would do in comparison with other artists work.  If I put mine into a gallery would it sell as well as the other art?  Would people like it?  In short, is it really any good?

I mean sure, all of my friends and family say nice things about it... but would strangers also appreciate it?

Well soon, I will get the chance to find out.  The second Saturday of every month the town next to mine has an art walk, where different artist get to show their work.  Much of the businesses that participate are galleries, but a few other businesses open their doors to artists too.  One of those businesses is a Dance Studio, and on the second Saturday in April I will get to show my work and offer it for sale at the art walk.

Will it sell?  I don't know... but that isn't the main point.  I would keep creating art if I never sold another piece...  for me main point is going to be sitting back and observing other people's reactions to my work.  The economy is bad right now, and art is something people often choose to go without in tough times.  So I'll be happy if I sell any at all, but mostly I just want to see what people think.

More information about the Art Walk can be found HERE.

And While selling isn't my MAIN focus right now, it would be nice to sell a little, for one thing, my walls are getting quite full of paintings, and I am running our of room to hang them!  Also there is the matter that good quality art supplies cost money... a 2 oz tube of artist quality acrylic paint typically runs anywhere from around $5.00 to $16.00 depending on the exact pigment (color), and brand (for those non-artist types, even within the same brand and type of paint the price varies from one color to the next).  Canvases, brushes, mediums, varnishes.... all cost money.  In fact, for extremely fine line work a low cost brush costs $10.00, that's for ONE brush, and that is one of the cheaper brands, some brushes cost around $80 (I don't have any of those!), not to mention equipment like easels.  So, to make a long story short, while I would continue to paint even if I NEVER sold another painting, it would certainly be NICE to sell them at least often enough to pay for the supplies I use.  However, right now, I'm not getting my hopes up too high, I just want people to enjoy my art.

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