Sunday, March 3, 2013

In the Spotlight, and some more Eagle Studies

Several days ago I signed up for a virtual interview with the website "Artpromotivate" hoping to be featured in their "Artist Spotlight" column.  Now, this isn't really a competition sort of thing, if you follow the rules as far answering their questions, and giving them all the information they ask for, the feature you, so I wasn't surprised to be featured, I made sure to follow all of their guidelines, every single one.  What did surprise me was how quickly they featured me.  They say there is often a wait of several weeks, but I was featured only days after submitting my interview.  Maybe it was a slow month for them as far as submissions, or maybe they liked my work or my answers.  Either way, it is good publicity for me as an artist!

You can find my article HERE.

In other news... I've been working on more Eagle Studies, and they can be seen below.

This is the same sketchbook page that I posted earlier, but I added another eagle at the bottom right.

Here is the start of another sketchbook page.  The  open beak and unusual head angle was a challenge!

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