Wednesday, December 31, 2014

More Progress, and a Title!

Well, yesterday I posted some progress photos of my latest painting, and asked for suggestions on the title.  Today I put in several hours of work and I'm pretty much finished with the painting, I do need to do a little minor touch up work where a stray drop of paint has landed or where an earlier layer of color shows through a top layer that is supposed to be opaque, I'll also paint the sides of the canvas in black all around, and then put an isolation coat on and a coat of varnish... but the basic painting is done.  Once the touch up is done I'll set up good photography equipment and take a high quality photo to post, but for now, my cell phone photo is going to have to do.

I've also given a title lots of thought, and to me, each of the sections in this painting is like a door or portal into an isolated world of optical wonder and illusion.  So I'm strongly considering the title "Inlets to Illusion".

Thank you for reading! I welcome your suggestions on how to make this blog more interesting to you! Photography Prints

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